X-Change the World connects with Nepalese youth

X-Change the World has extended its network to five new locations in Nepal, in rural communities and in the urban centers of Kathmandu and Hatauda. Utilizing funds from last year’s CCARE Compassion and Technology grant, we were able to supply schools with the technological infrastructure necessary to become X-Change partners. Each of the five locations was provided with two laptops, an internet modem and full internet access.

These resources have granted the opportunity for students across Nepal to create meaningful, compassion-building relationships with students in the United States. To date, ten new exchanges – twenty new participants – have been established. This means that each week, Priyanshu Joshi, a fifteen year-old girl from the mountainous southern town of Hatauda, spends two hours discussing English grammar, Nepalese culture and American politics with a high school student in Los Angeles. It means that each Saturday night Alexandra Block, a sixteen year old student in Los Angeles, learns of a distant culture and develops a different understanding of our world and the human condition.