X-Change Brazil is LIVE

In close collaboration with local partners, X-Change the World has launched X-Change Brazil, a new program model that creates intra-country connections to reduce domestic income disparities and social inequalities. Partnering with Brazilian secondary school students Luiza and Beatriz Marinho, the program will increase access to English language learning in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro through informal, online mentoring sessions.

Brazil’s economy has grown exponentially in the past ten years, providing unparalleled opportunities for many of its citizens. Despite this, considerable socio-economic disparities exist, with over 7 million individuals living in poverty. X-Change Brazil seeks to address these disparities, pairing students from bilingual private schools in Rio de Janeiro with underprivileged youth from the Morro dos Macacos, Morro da Providência, and Corumbá communities. Weekly exchanges utilize an English language learning curriculum designed specifically for X-Change Brazil in collaboration with Dynamic Skill Development. These structured tutoring sessions, followed by guided conversations in human rights advocates, laws, and declarations, will grant students opportunities for exploration, understanding and compassion.

Over the coming year, X-Change Brazil endeavors to expand our network of participants, relying upon local mentors and community partners to facilitate engagement. Through Luiza and Beatriz Marinho, the program will enable a new network of socially conscious individuals who are committed to reducing economic disparities and providing equal access to education.