X-Ample X-Change

A typical X-Change runs as follows:

Warmer (estimated time: 5 mins)
Small talk

Review (estimated time: 5 mins)
Review of the last week’s topic and vocabulary

Textbook Study (estimated time: 20-30 mins)
The American Student leads his friend through select textbook pages with an outlined objective

Free Time (estimated time: 5-10 mins)
Lesson relevant activities.
Easy articles
Web game


We have put together a curriculum from a few ESL textbooks and other resources to create a comprehensive, educational, and fun experience for our participants. Below is an example of the structure of an X-Change. This is in fact the model for the first X-Change, so it is structured accordingly.

The First X-Change

This is the structure of the First X-Change given to each American student:


To begin a friendship, to become accustomed with each other, Wiz-IQ, and textbook study, to learn basic meetings and greetings, to study gender pronouns, the verb to be, and basic ways to develop conversations in English, to study the world.

Warmer (estimated time: 5 minutes)

Introduce yourself. Tell your name, where you live, and a few other simple things that define who you are (i.e. I like to play sports, I like to sing, I am interested in politics, etc.). Remember: it is especially vital that you are smiling, and overly outgoing in this introductory period. Your Thai student is bound to be shy, but by being overly friendly, amicable, and outgoing you can set the tone for your X-Change and your friendship. When you finish this, prompt your Thai student to tell you about themselves. Ask their name, where they live, and a few other simple questions (i. e. what do you like to do for fun? What’s your favorite color? Who is your best friend?) Respond vocally, and engage your Thai student in a conversation. Feel free to develop this conversation until it comes to a natural close, at which time you can move to the textbook material. Typically, in a normal X-Change you will now review last weeks material with your Thai-student. But because this is the first X-Change, there is no past material!

Textbook Study: (estimated time: 20-30 minutes)

Please guide your new friend through these three textbook pages. They want to learn the material more than you can imagine. Be calm, be patient, be excited, but most of all, be open-minded.


Free Time (estimated time: 5-10 minutes)

Web game: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/World_Continents.htm
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne7fPpxAnuM
Lesson relevant activities: Talk. Talk. Talk some more. It is of the utmost importance that you do everything that you can to establish a level of conformability in these X-Changes. Question. Investigate. Learn. You don’t know what you will find out; but more importantly, you have no idea where this dialogue will take you.